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IO Conflict
Since 2018 at Yawning Cat Records

Alexej (IO Conflict) initial venture into the world of music started out with a drumkit whilst at school, and after various attempts attract bands with his passion, he went on a solo mission to produce electronic music after buying Pendulums first album “Hold your Color”. After receiving a cracked copy of FL Studio 8 from his school music teacher at the time, Alexej went on to produce IDM, Glitch and Ambient music but had no actual knowledge about the genre apart from a minute handful of tracks. He decided to to do some research on Myspace into IDM artists which later led him to discover Spor, and his first ever D&B track: Spor's remix of “Stompbox” by The Qemists. It was following this that Alexej bought his first D&B album... since then he makes music.

  • Country : Estonia
  • Genre : Drum and Bass, Breakbeat, Ambient, Wave
IO Conflict